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Faith and Branko| 2020| Serbia/UK| 82' | World Premiere Sheffield Doc Fest 2020

This cross-cultural documentary charts the relationship between musicians Faith and Branko over 7 years. In 2011, Faith travels from England to Serbia to learn gypsy accordion - she meets Roma violinist Branko and despite language barriers, they fall in love through music. Captivated by their musical chemistry, they marry and take their duo abroad. As much as Faith is free-spirited, Branko is untraveled and attached to his family, but they each believe that the other will better their lives. The relationship is tested by the realisation of their differences and that music may be all they have in common.  

Professional Foreigner | 2016 | UK| 31'

This character-driven documentary explores the bizarre job opportunities available to white people in India. No experience is needed — just being a foreigner is enough. Following casting agents and immigrants in Mumbai, this documentary explores dreams, race and stereotypes while illuminating a world where Europeans migrate East for work.

The story centres around Sasha, who left Russia with his mother and sister in the hope of making it as an actor. He needs to support his household so when acting gigs run dry, he is forced to reassess his easy but limited career prospects in India.

Accents Speak Louder Than Words | BBC4 |BFI |Wingspan Productions

This short documentary follows the experience of Kasha from Poland who after 27 years living in the UK decides to take elocution lessons to fit in.

Available to watch on the BFI player:

The Perfect Suspect | 2015 | UK| NFTS | 28'

A portrait of an Irish town shaken by an unsolved murder, this documentary explores the feelings of locals, the main suspect and his wife - all of whom still live in this town. This documentary was made prior to the successful Audible and Netflix series about the same case.

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